Sunday, August 26, 2007

Such excitement!

We are counting the days now, getting ready for another trip to England, another narrowboat adventure. My younger sister Pam is going to meet us at Heathrow on September 7 and spend the three weeks with us. We will be in Devon for the first week, then on the narrowboat for two weeks after that. Pam has never seen England, so I look forward to showing her Everything - especially Stourhead. I've put a link to my Flickr account over there in the Links list, and with any luck I'll find a way to post some photos while we're away. If not, I'll do it as soon as we come home.

The weather in England has been horrid this summer, but I understand that the flooding has abated now. All digits crossed.


Nic said...

My next time afloat is the 7th September, though as your first week isn't, doubt our paths will cross. Mind you I'll have a 10 day vidlog up afterwards, but I've not planned where to go yet!

Jim said...

Aunt Sandra - I wish my mom could have packed me into her suitcase. It sounds like you had a WONDERFUL time together in England. We enjoyed seeing her pictures and all her souvenirs. Looking forward to seeing the videos as well. Love you much and please give Robin my love as well! Mindy