Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Another Rainy Day in England

This is Day 5. We are comfortably settled in at the holiday caravan in Devon, watching the weather reports carefully in order to plan our outings. We went to Plymouth yesterday, on a quest to have my cell phone unlocked. That didn't work out very well. We finally found the appropriate kiosk, and I asked the young man there to unlock my phone. He looked it over and said that unfortunately, mine was one of very few that he couldn't actually unlock. We went back to the Car Phone Warehouse, where we bought a cheap cell phone. It costs 20p per minute to talk to someone here in England, but only 4 cents per minute to call Canada. Anyway, we do now have an English phone number, which I've forwarded to family on both sides of the pond. Even at 20p, I think it's still cheaper than using my regular phone.

We are eating far too much sausage and bacon, and I've had two pasties already, not to mention the Melton Mowbray pie. We are walking a lot, so I'm hoping the greasefest won't have too much of an impact.

Last night was the last night of the U.S. Open tennis tournament, and all of Britain (except me) was cheering Andy Murray on. Poor British haven't had a champion since the thirties, iirc, and they had high hopes for Murray - but Roger Federer came through, to my delight. We have a television at the caravan, but it only brings in four channels - none of which was carrying the tennis match - so we listened to it on the radio. That turned out to be a great treat. We had the gas fire burning in the living room, and we sat all snuggled under blankets, staring at the light on the front of the radio. I think we should do that sort of thing more often.

Today's trip to Exeter is for the purpose of blogging and catching up on e-mail - and finding the little shop where Robin bought his bamboo walking stick for €1 a couple of years ago. He's lost it in Canada somewhere, so he wants to put out the big bucks to replace it.

So there we are, wandering the countryside - between rainstorms - in our little Nissan Micra - having fun.


Melissa said...

Me and my husband had the same bad weather when we went to Golden Sands in August, we chose the location mainly for the blue flag beaches and surrounding areas and in August time you would have hoped that the weather should have been quite hot, however it is the UK and we spent more times indoors than out. The holiday wasn't all that bad though, there was plenty to do.

Sandra Leigh said...

Oh, I know. English weather is not to be depended upon - fortunately, the country is beautiful, even in the rain.