Saturday, September 09, 2006

There and Back Again

We went all the way back to Newbury this morning, rented a car, and came back to Hungerford - all before lunchtime. It's amazing how fast you can travel by train and car.

Aboard the train, the conductor wore a box on a belt. When I had paid our fare, she punched some buttons on the box, and out slid our tickets, neatly and silently. It reminded me of that scene in the new Stepford Wives where the husband asks his wife for $100. She opens her mouth and out come the bills. There I was, giggling on the train.

Our car is a little blue Fiesta, which I have sworn not to drive. Driving in England. Ptui.

We have the rest of today to relax and enjoy the sights of Hungerford, or maybe take a drive around the region. I've picked up a handful of tourist leaflets here at the library.

Speaking of the library, I got a temporary card yesterday, because I saw two books I couldn't resist. The first was called The Used Women's Book Club. I figured that the title alone merited a look. Unfortunately, the author can't construct a sentence to save his life - but I still think that's a great title. The other book is called MERDE Actually, and it's very funny, actually. I'll take it with me and return it when we come back from Bristol. I may also take one that I came across while I was waiting for my turn at the computer just now. It's a Sophie Kinsella book called The Undomestic Goddess. At this rate, I may never get around to finishing the books I carried all the way across the ocean.

I almost forgot to mention the hedgehog- the stunned one from yesterday afternoon. When I was returning to the boat last night, I saw him again. He'd made it all the way from the churchyard to the school, several doors down, and was plodding along the road. Three people were watching him, concerned that he might wander into the road and be run down. We all decided to form an honour guard, just in case, but the hedgehog apparently had no interest in crossing the road. He ignored us all and just kept plodding. By now, he's probably on the high street somewhere.

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