Monday, September 04, 2006

Tomorrow is the day

Much as I love our Turtle, and although I would drive it to England if I could, that's just not possible - so we're flying over, then spending our three-week holiday on a floating version of the Turtle. I've started this blog to tell you about our adventure.

We will be flying out of Nanaimo tomorrow at 2 pm by float plane, then from Vancouver to London Heathrow at 6:10 pm on whatever British Airways is using. Robin bought a camcorder yesterday, so we should be able to make some movies, to which I shall try to post a link. At the very least, there will be stills.

We have rented the Bedwyn Lock, a 53 foot narrowboat, from Reading Marine. Our plan is to sail up the Kennet-Avon Canal from Aldermaston to Bristol and back. We will take one day away to drive to Cornwall for a motorcycle grass track race, but other than that, we will be on the water for the entire three weeks. Various family members and friends will come to visit us on board, where they will learn the fine art of opening and closing locks (and provide me with some welcome help).

As it appears I may now carry my laptop along, I'll journal every night and post whenever I get the chance.

p.s. - a special note to anybody who uses Mozilla Firefox to navigate: If you want to look at the Reading Marine site, it's best to use Internet Explorer instead of Firefox. That way you can see the links within the link, including pictures of the Bedwyn Lock. I'll try to remember to mention the problem to the proprietors when I'm in Aldermaston. Maybe they can do something to make their site more compatible with systems like mine.

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Franco said...

Where are your posts???

Have worn my fingers out checking your blog... but no... your just having to much fun to remember us working peons back

Hope all is well and you having a great time,